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SEAT,(Spanish Touring Automobiles Company) S.A. is a Spanish automobile manufacturer with its head office in Martorell, Catalonia, Spain. It was founded on May 9, 1950, by the Instituto Nacional de Industria (INI), a state-owned industrial holding company. Since 1986 it has been a wholly owned subsidiary of the German Volkswagen Group. SEAT S.A.’s headquarters is situated in Martorell near Barcelona at the company’s industrial complex.



  • Industry               : Automotive
  • Founded              : May 9, 1950
  • Founder               : Instituto Nacional de Industria
  • Headquarters     : Martorell, Catalunya, Spain
  • Area served         : Worldwide
  • Owner                  : Volkswagen Group
  • Website               :


SEAT Slogan / SEAT Tagline

  • Auto emocion.
  • Get Carried Away.
  • Different rituals, same spirit.


SEAT  Logo



Seat Tagline

Seat Logo

The monochrome palette was adopted by the brand in 2017. The clean black emblem is placed above the black sans-serif inscription on a white background. Flat and laconic, but truly powerful and stylish.

The custom Seat logotype is executed in an elegant yet modern sans-serif typeface, which is probably based on one of such fonts as Bitsumishi Pro Medium or Controller Expanded Four, but with its contours modified, and some of the angles sharpened.

The color palette of the Seat badge has had many different versions throughout the long brand’s history, so it would be fair to say, that they tried everything before coming to monochrome. The black and white combination is a great reflection of the confidence and reliability of the company, which is strong today and not afraid to move into tomorrow.

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