Astral (Pipes) Slogan – Astral Tagline – Logo – Founder – Owner

Astral (Pipes) Slogan – Astral Tagline – Logo – Founder – Owner

This article covers about Astral (Pipes) Slogan and Astral Tagline.

Astral Limited (formerly Astral Poly Technik Limited) is an Indian building materials and equipment company based in Ahmedabad which makes chlorinated polyvinyl chloride and polyvinyl chloride pipes.

In 1966, Astral Poly Technik Limited was founded by Sandeep Engineer and later became known as Astral Pipes. In 2007, the company went public and had its shares listed on the National Stock Exchange of India and Bombay Stock Exchange.



  • Industry          : Building materials
  • Founded          : 1996
  • Founders         : Sandeep Engineer
  • Headquarters : Ahmedabad, India
  • Products          : Adhesives, bathware, CPVC pipes, paints, PVC pipes
  • Website            :

Astral (Pipes) Slogan – Astral Tagline

  • Bharosemand Pipe.
  • Astral Strong.
  • India ka Sabse Bharosemand Pipe.
  • When you think of Pipes, Think of Us.


Astral (Pipes) Logo

Astral (Pipes) Tagline

Astral (Pipes) Logo

The company introduced industrial CPVC pipes in India by licensing the CPVC Resin procurement technology from Lubrizol. However, after three years, they shifted to the plumbing sector, where CPVC pipes became more popular than galvanized Iron (GI) pipes. In 2004, the company started offering lead-free polyvinyl chloride pressure pipes.

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