Medibank Slogan – Medibank Tagline – Logo – Owner – Subsidiaries

Medibank Slogan – Medibank Tagline – Logo – Owner – Subsidiaries

Medibank Private Limited, better known as simply Medibank, is one of the largest Australian private health insurance provider.

Medibank initially started as an Australian Government not-for-profit insurer in 1976, before becoming for-profit in 2009 and privatised by the Abbott government in 2014.

Medibank now operates as a publicly-listed company on the Australian Securities Exchange.

Medibank began business as an Australian Government-owned private health insurer, established by the Whitlam government in 1975 through the Health Insurance Commission.

Medibank was set up to provide competition to private “for-profit” health funds and to put pressure on other health funds to keep premiums at a reasonable level.



  • Industry           : Insurance
  • Founded          : 1975
  • Headquarters : Melbourne, Australia
  • Owner              : Australian Government
  • Subsidiaries    : ahm
  • Website            :


Medibank Slogan/ Medibank Tagline

  • For Better Health.
  • Live Better.
  • Listen to your head. Protect your heart with Medibank Silver.


Medibank Logo

Medibank Tagline

Medibank Logo

Medibank was previously run as a not for profit organisation and later operated as a for-profit government business enterprise with dividends paid to the Federal Government. In May 2009, the Rudd government announced that Medibank would become a “for profit” business and would pay tax on its earnings.

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