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Vat 69 Logo

Vat 69 Logo and Tagline

Category: Whisky

Vat 69 Logo and Tagline


Vat 69 is a blended Scotch whisky created by William Sanderson & Son Limited of South Queensferry, Scotland, now part of Diageo. The iconic Vat 69 bottle with its bulbous neck was introduced to the market and was not changed for the next hundred years. In 1882, William Sanderson prepared one hundred casks of blended whisky and hired a panel of experts to taste them. The batch from the cask (or “vat”) with number 69 was judged to be the best, and this provided the whisky’s brand name.


Quick Info

  • Industry                   : Whisky
  • Manufacturer          : William Sanderson & Son Limited
  • Distributor              : Diageo
  • Country of origin    : Scotland
  • Introduced              : 1882
  • Website                  : https://www.diageoindia.com/brands/brand-profiles/vat-69/