Flydubai Slogan – Flydubai Tagline – Logo – Owner – Headquarters

Flydubai Slogan – Flydubai Tagline – Logo – Owner – Headquarters

flydubai, legally Dubai Aviation Corporation, is a government-owned low-cost airline with its head office and flight operations in Terminal 2 of Dubai International Airport.

The airline operates a total of 95 destinations, serving the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe from Dubai. Fly Dubai was founded on 19 March 2008 by Govt. of Dubai.

The government of Dubai established the airline. Although Flydubai is not part of The Emirates Group, Emirates supported Flydubai during the initial establishing phase.



  • Industry             : Airlines
  • Founded            : 19 March 2008
  • Owner                : Investment Corporation of Dubai
  • Headquarters   : Dubai International Airport Dubai, UAE
  • Website             :


Flydubai Slogan / Flydubai Tagline

  • Get Going.


Flydubai Logo

Flydubai Tagline

Flydubai Logo

The company was formed on 19 March 2008 as a venture by the Government of Dubai. Even though the airline did get some help from its sister airline initially, it has been run independently since.

Also, there was an initial move of executives, but the major bulk of the hiring comes from outside the Emirates group. The CEO of the company is Ghaith Al-Ghaith, who spent over 22 years with Emirates.

The chair of the company is Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, who is also the chairman of the Emirates group.

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