Dunkin’ Donuts Slogan – Dunkin’ Donuts Tagline – Logo

Dunkin’ Donuts Slogan – Dunkin’ Donuts Tagline – Logo

Dunkin’ Donuts LLC, also known as Dunkin’, is an American multinational coffee and doughnut company, as well as a quick service restaurant. It was founded by William Rosenberg in Quincy, Massachusetts, in 1950. The chain was acquired by Inspire Brands on December 15, 2020. The chain began rebranding as a “beverage-led company”, and was renamed Dunkin’.

Dunkin’ is one of the largest coffee shop and donut shop chains in the world. Its products include donuts, bagels, coffee, and “Munchkins” donut holes.



  • Industry                  : Food and beverage, coffeehouse
  • Founded                 : 1950.
  • Founder                  : William Rosenberg
  • Headquarters          : Canton, Massachusetts, United States
  • Products                 : Baked goods, beverages, sandwiches, soft drinks
  • Parent                     : Inspire Brands
  • Website                  : dunkindonuts.com

Dunkin’ Donuts Slogan / Dunkin’ Donuts Tagline

  • America Runs on Dunkin’
  • You ‘Kin Do It!
  • Loosen up a little.
  • Love Bacon? Marry It.
  • We don’t make it until you order it.
  • Dunkin’ Donuts Coffe: It’s happiness in a cup.
  • It’s Worth the Trip.


Dunkin’ Donuts Logo

Dunkin' Donuts Logo

Dunkin’ Donuts Logo

A script version of the words Dunkin’ Donuts was filed on March 31, 1955, and registered on February 2, 1960. A later logo was for a drawing and word logo depicting a figure with a donut for a head and a coffee cup and donut body wearing a garrison cap, with Dunkin’ emblazoned on both the coffee cup and cap

The company began using a hot pink color for its branding and used a logo showing a stylized coffee cup with the company’s name rendered on one line as a circle, evoking a donut dunking into the cup. In 1980 bright orange was added to the hot pink.

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