Nair Logo and Tagline

Nair (hair removal) Logo and Tagline

Nair is a hair-removal product manufactured by Church & Dwight. It was purchased from Carter-Wallace in 2001 via a partnership with Kelso. Nair is a portmanteau of “No hair.” The brand is mainly known for its depilatories that work by breaking the disulfide bonds of the keratin molecules in hair. This reduces the tensile strength of the keratin so greatly that the hair can be wiped away.



  • Product type       : Personal care
  • Owner                  : Church & Dwight
  • Markets               : United States
  • Website               :


Nair Tagline / Slogan

  • We wear short shorts, Nair for short shorts.
  • The Less That You Wear, the More You Need Nair!
  • Like Never Before.
  • You do you. Find your Nair.


Nair Logo

Nair Logo Tagline Slogan Owner

Nair Logo


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