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Maserati S.p.A. is an Italian luxury vehicle manufacturer. Established on 1 December 1914 in Bologna, Italy, the company’s headquarters are now in Modena, and its emblem is a trident. The company has been owned by Stellantis since 2021. Maserati was initially associated with Ferrari. Maserati is an Italian luxury vehicle manufacturer established on 1 December 1914, in Bologna. The Maserati tagline is “Luxury, sports and style cast in exclusive cars”, and the brand’s mission statement is to “Build ultra-luxury performance automobiles with timeless Italian style, accommodating bespoke interiors, and effortless, signature sounding power”.



  • Industry                 : Automotive
  • Founded                : December 1, 1914
  • Founder                 : Alfieri Maserati
  • Parent                    : Stellantis
  • Headquarters       : Modena, Italy
  • Area served          : Worldwide
  • Products               : Luxury vehicles
  • Website                 :


Maserati Slogan / Maserati Tagline

  • Excellence Through Passion.
  • A tradition of Passion and Innovation.


Maserati Logo

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Maserati Tagline

Maserati Logo

Throughout its history, Maserati has participated in various forms of motorsports including Formula One, sportscar racing and touring car racing, both as a works team and through private entrants. Notable drivers include Juan Manuel Fangio and Prince Bira of Siam.

Maserati announced they would be joining Formula E in the 2022–23 season.[86] They will become the first Italian Manufacturer in the series.

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