Dodge Logo Tagline / Slogan

Dodge Logo Tagline / Slogan

Dodge is an American brand of automobiles and a division of Stellantis North America, based in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Dodge vehicles have historically included performance cars, and for much of its existence Dodge was Chrysler’s mid-priced brand above Plymouth. Founded as the Dodge Brothers Company machine shop by brothers Horace Elgin Dodge and John Francis Dodge in the early 1900s, Dodge was originally a supplier of parts and assemblies to Detroit-based automakers like Ford.



  • Industry               :  Automobile
  • Founded              :  1900
  • Founders             :  John Francis Dodge, Horace Elgin Dodge
  • Headquarters     :  Auburn Hills, Michigan, U.S.
  • Owner                  : Stellantis North America
  • Website                : (U.S.) (Global)


Dodge Tagline / Slogan

  • Born Dodge. 
  • The real Brotherhood of Muscle.
  • Domestic. Not Domesticated
  • Dodge. Different.
  • Dodge. Grab life by the horns.
  • Dependability, The Dependables.
  • Dodge Fever.
  • You Could be Dodge Material.
  • An American revolution.
  • Dodge. Different.
  • Grab life by the horns.
  • Grab life.
  • Never neutral.
  • Guts. Glory. Ram.


Dodge Logo


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Dodge logo Tagline Slogan Founders Owner

Dodge Logo


Horace and John Dodge founded the Dodge Brothers Company in Detroit in 1900, and quickly found work manufacturing precision engine and chassis components for the city’s growing number of automobile firms. Chief among them were the established Olds Motor Vehicle Company and the new Ford Motor Company.

Henry Ford selected the Dodge brothers to supply a wide range of components for his original Model A (1903–04) comprising the entire chassis: Ford needed to add only the body and wheels to finish the cars. Henry offered the Dodge brothers a 10% share in his new company in return for $10,000 worth of goods ($351,760 in 2022 dollars).

In 1902, the brothers won a contract to produce transmissions for Ransom E. Olds’ company, Oldsmobile upon which they built a solid reputation for quality and service.

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