Bose Logo and Tagline

Bose Corporation Logo and Tagline

Bose Corporation is an American manufacturing company that predominantly sells audio equipment. The company was established by Amar Bose in 1964 and is based in Framingham, Massachusetts. Bose is best known for its home audio systems and speakers, noise cancelling headphones, professional audio products and automobile sound systems.
  • Industry            : Audio electronics
  • Founded            : 1964
  • Founder             : Amar Bose
  • Headquarters   : Framingham, Massachusetts, U.S.
  • Owner                : Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Website             :


Bose Tagline / Slogan

  • Better sound is just the beginning.
  • Better sound through research.
  • Hear The Radio That Woke Up An Entire Industry.


Bose Logo

Bose Logo Tagline Slogan Founder Owner

Bose Logo

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