Kingfisher Slogan – Kingfisher Tagline – Logo – Founder – Owner

Kingfisher Slogan – Kingfisher Tagline – Logo – Founder – Owner

This article covers about Kingfisher Slogan and Kingfisher Tagline.

Kingfisher is an Indian beer brewed by United Breweries Group, Bangalore. The brand was launched in 1978. The Heineken Group holds 42.4% equity shares in United Breweries Ltd.

Vijay Mallya launched Kingfisher Premium beer, inspired by the defunct brand from United Breweries Group which was introduced in 1857.

Kingfisher Beer Europe Ltd. (KBE) is the European arm of United Breweries with a head office in Maidstone, Kent. In the UK, Kingfisher is brewed under licence by Heineken but to the same recipe as used in India. The company runs independently of Kingfisher World and has its own assets such as website, social media, POS suite & marketing objectives.



  • Industry                   : Beverages
  • Manufacturer          : United Breweries Group
  • Country of origin    : India
  • Owner                       : United Breweries Group
  • Introduced               : 1857
  • Website                    : Kingfisher

Kingfisher Slogan / Kingfisher Tagline

  • The Real Taste of India.
  • The King of Good Times.
  • Open up for a good time.
  • The Emperor of good times.
  • Food tastes better with Kingfisher.


Kingfisher Logo

Kingfisher Tagline

Kingfisher Logo


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