Indian Space Research Organisation – ISRO Slogan – ISRO Tagline

Indian Space Research Organisation – ISRO Slogan – ISRO Tagline – Logo

The Indian Space Research Organisation(ISRO)  (Bhāratīya Antrikṣ Anusandhān Saṅgaṭhan) is the national space agency of India, headquartered in Bengaluru. It operates under Department of Space (DOS) which is directly overseen by the prime minister of India while chairman of ISRO acts as executive of DOS as well. ISRO is the primary agency in India to perform tasks related to space based applications, space exploration and development of related technologies.



  • Type                     : Space agency
  • Formed                : 15 August 1969
  • Headquarters       : Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Website                :


ISRO Slogan / ISRO Tagline

  • Space technology in the Service of humankind.



ISRO Tagline


ISRO’s programmes have played a significant role in the socio-economic development of India and have supported both civilian and military domains in various aspects including disaster management, telemedicine and navigation and reconnaissance missions.

ISRO’s spin-off technologies also have founded many crucial innovations for India’s engineering and medical industries.

India’s economic progress has made its space programme more visible and active as the country aims for greater self-reliance in space technology. In 2008, India launched as many as 11 satellites, including nine from other countries, and went on to become the first nation to launch 10 satellites on one rocket.

ISRO has put into operation two major satellite systems: the Indian National Satellite System (INSAT) for communication services, and the Indian Remote Sensing Programme (IRS) satellites for management of natural resources.

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