Haryana Steelers Logo Tagline / Slogan

Haryana Steelers Logo and Tagline

Haryana Steelers is a Kabaddi team based in Haryana that plays in the Pro Kabaddi League. The team is owned by JSW Sports, part of the Jindal South West (JSW) Group. The Steelers play their home matches at Tau Devi Lal Stadium (Panchkula).



  • Type                   : Kabaddi Team
  • League               : Pro Kabaddi League
  • Founded            :  2017
  • City                     :  Haryana
  • Owner                :  JSW Sports
  • Website              : www.haryanasteelers.com


Haryana Steelers Slogan / Haryana Steelers Tagline

  • Lath Gaad Do.
  • Dhaakad Boys.


Haryana Steelers Logo


Haryana Steelers Tagline

Haryana Steelers Old Logo


Haryana Steelers Tagline

Haryana Steelers Logo

The brand-new logo, which is a dynamically posed Bhima wielding his heavy Gada (mace), powerfully leaning forward with his arm and reaching out strikingly, exemplifies Haryana Steelers’ core values of resilience, strength and tenacity. The logo also captures the action and emotion of an energetic and fierce warrior, be it on the battleground or on the Kabaddi mat.

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