Exor Slogan – Exor Tagline – Logo – Founder – Owner – All Slogans

Exor Slogan – Exor Tagline – Logo – Founder – Owner – All Slogans

Exor N.V. is an Italian leading holding company, incorporated in the Netherlands and controlled by Italy’s Agnelli family.

It has a history of investments running over a century, which currently include auto and truck manufacturers Stellantis, Ferrari, and Iveco, agricultural and construction firm CNH Industrial, the association football club Juventus, the international newspaper The Economist, and the Italian media company GEDI Gruppo Editoriale.

The company was founded on 27 July 1927 under the name of Istituto Finanziario Industriale (IFI) by the then senator Giovanni Agnelli, with the aim of reuniting under a single company all the shareholdings he had acquired, mainly in industrial sectors.



  • Industry               : Holding company
  • Founded              :  27 July 1927
  • Founder               : Giovanni Agnelli
  • Headquarters     : EXOR N.V – Gustav Mahlerplein 25, 1082 MS Amsterdam
  • Owner                  : Agnelli family (through Giovanni Agnelli B.V.)
  • Website               : www.exor.com

Exor Slogan / Exor Tagline

  • Exor builds great companies.


Exor Logo

Exor Tagline

Exor Logo

Exor’s portfolio is principally composed by different companies in which Exor is the largest shareholder. In addition, the holding manages other investments of four different kind, such as Private for unlisted companies, Public for publicly listed companies, Seeds for early and late stage companies, and Alliance for new companies like NUO Spa.

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