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2degrees is a New Zealand telecommunications provider. Its mobile network launched on 4 August 2009 after nine years of planning. 2degrees offers prepaid and pay-monthly mobile services, as well as fixed-line phone and broadband services. 2degrees is the third-largest wireless carrier in New Zealand. The network works with UMTS-900 and UMTS-2100, and LTE Band 3, 8 and 28 mobiles. In areas without 2degrees coverage, handsets roam on One NZ’s GSM and UMTS network. 2degrees refers to areas where it has its own 3G coverage as “mobile broadband zones”.



  • Industry          : Telecommunications, Mobile, Internet
  • Founded          : 2001
  • Headquarters : Auckland, New Zealand
  • Area Served   : New Zealand
  • Owner              : Voyage Australia Pty Limited
  • Subsidiaries    : 2Talk, Flip, Orcon, Slingshot
  • Website           : 2degrees.nz


2degrees Slogan / 2degrees Tagline

  • Fight for Fair.
  • NZ’s fairest telco.


2degrees Logo

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2degrees Logo

The name of the company refers to the six degrees of separation concept, which was lessened to an estimated two degrees of separation as per New Zealand’s population in 2001 (3.88 million).

This is no longer considered accurate; in fact, aside the fact that New Zealand’s population has almost doubled in the more than two decades since, the two degrees of separation was never statistically proven and considered unlikely to be accurate.

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