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J.H. Whittaker & Sons, Ltd (Whittaker’s) is a confectionery manufacturer specialising in palm oil-free  chocolate and based in Porirua, New Zealand. Whittaker’s is the largest chocolate brand in New Zealand. The company controls its entire manufacturing process in its facility in Porirua, identifying itself as a “bean-to-bar” manufacturer. James Henry Whittaker started the business in Christchurch in 1896.

James Henry Whittaker  worked in the British confectionery industry from the age of 14 and moved to New Zealand with his wife Leah Alice in 1890. He was a salesman for Cadbury‘s chocolate before and after his move to New Zealand.



  • Industry             : Chocolate
  • Founded            : Christchurch, 1896
  • Founder             : J. H. Whittaker
  • Headquarters   : Porirua, New Zealand
  • Owner                : Whittaker family
  • Website              : www.whittakers.co.nz


Whittaker’s Slogan / Whittaker’s Tagline

  • Good Honest Chocolate.
  • A passion for chocolate since 1896.


Whittaker’s Logo

Whittaker's Tagline

Whittaker’s Logo

The company has provided commercial sponsorship for motor sports in New Zealand and for the All Blacks.

In February 2023, singer Ed Sheeran visited New Zealand and mentioned on Instagram that he enjoyed the country’s chocolate. In response, Whittaker’s sent Sheeran a block of Creamy Milk labelled “Ed Block” and featuring Sheeran’s visage. Whittakers and Sheeran then joined together to auction off signed T-shirts and chocolate supplies in order to raise money for the victims of the floods that occurred during Auckland Anniversary Weekend in 2023.

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