Adecco Logo and Tagline

The Adecco Group Logo and Tagline

The Adecco Group, is a Swiss–French company based in Zurich, Switzerland. It is the world’s second largest Human Resources provider and temporary staffing firm, and a Fortune Global 500 company. The company was formed officially on 1 January 1997 as a result of the merger of the French company Ecco and the Swiss company Adia Interim, and is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange. Adia was established in 1957 in Lausanne (Switzerland) by Henri Lavanchy. Ecco was founded in Lyon (France) at the initiative of Philippe Foriel Destezet.



  • Industry          : Professional services
  • Predecessors  : Ecco, Adia Interim
  • Founded          : 1 January 1997
  • Headquarters : Zurich, Switzerland
  • Area served     : Worldwide
  • Website            :


Adecco Tagline / Slogan

  • Better work, better life.
  • Making the future, Work for everyone.
  • We believe in Talent, not labels.


Adecco Logo

Adecco Logo Tagline Slogan

Adecco Logo


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